• Dr.Holi has continuously gone through a comparison test for quality and taste
    with other domestic and overseas products during its development process.


  • Set a goal to be the world's best pet product
  • Korea's first low-fat pet milk
  • Made with whole milk powder of the highest grade from dairying-advanced countries such as the USA, Netherlands, and New Zealand, domestic
  • nonfat dry milk, and premium additional ingredients
  • Improves the best safety and quality from clinical trial to taste test
  • Developed by Korea Venture New Item Group aiming at global export to China, the USA, the Middle East, Japan, etc.


  • A dairy products related professor with 20 years of experience, pharmacology professor running a new material lab, animal welfare-related professor as well as a veterinarian and veterinary medicine doctor, and the professors of Korea's one and only deep seawater department have gathered to develop the world's best pet milk and water.
  • During its development process, the faculty directly fed their pets and made up for what they lack for the optimal design of the products.
  • Based on in-depth research of a very vulnerable obesity issue, skin disease due to hair, dislocation of hind legs (thighbone/hip joint) due to exercise and genetic illness, digestive problems, etc., the products have been designed to have optimized ingredients and best mixing ratio.
  • It has become a monumental landmark in Korea’s pet milk by segmenting the products by age, breed, and personal preference for the first time in Korea.
  • Dr.Holi Pet Milk has been continually developing ten different lineups necessary for our pets.
    • Pet Milk
    • All products contain
      multivitamin+mineral mix+seaweed calcium
      for physiological
      activation and bone health.
    • Pet Water
    • Functional water
      based on deep sea water,
      considering moisture
      and mineral balance
    • Milk for Cats
    • Contains taurine
      for physiological activation
      and fructooligosaccharide
      for reducing excrement smell
    • Red Ginseng
    • Delicious red ginseng
      immunity and vitality intensification
    • Nutrition
    • Nourishing food for pets
      that helps improve appetite
      and prevention of disease
    • EC-12(Heat treated Enterococcus)
    • 10 mg of heat-treated Enterococcus
      faecalis helps intestinal regulation
      and immunity improvement.
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    Differentiated manufacturing facilities

    We have manufacturing equipment only for pet milk and water.

    100% Human grade

    We are confident that this 100% human grade milk has the best quality, to the point where humans can drink it without worry, because it was made with the same arrangements, process and ingredients to that of the milk production process for humans.

    The 25-year veteran of production specialist

    The CEO and plant manager who are in charge of production are veterans with 25 years of experience in the field of dairy and beverages, having previously worked as the production team leader in Korea’s best dairy company. They are the masters in this area, and they never compromise when it comes to quality.

    Pet Milk with special processing

    Products are manufactured after going through a special processing sequence, withpet drinking water(that is in the process of applying for patents), dairy products (from the USA, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Korea), hyaluronic acid (a premium ingredient), glucosamine, deep sea water, and lactose free milk.