Who is FMG?

Food Master Group means the best group of food specialists.

The food specialists who dream of a new, innovative food related product
in Korea have cooperated to contribute in making human life richer.

We will strive always to think creatively, lead the market, and develop products
that consumers want to make human life more productive.

Who is Dr.Holi?

We think our family pets' health and nutrition
and produce honest and reliable products only.

FMG's products are not just pet food, but products that even people can eat.

Dr.Holi has been pioneering the way for the world's best pet milk and pet food;
products by age, favorite food, milk for cats, etc. which are
scientifically and systematically designed by specialists in the relevant fields,
to provide healthy food for our dear pets.

Products consumed by our precious dogs and cats are designed and produced
with the same or higher quality with what people eat,
the ingredients are the same as that used for people.

We pursue only 100% of Human Grade.

Food Master Group Inc.